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Clock Repair & Restoration

We specialise in all types of domestic antique and modern clock repairs with restoration of antique Mechanical and modern quartz, Wall clocks, mantle clocks, balance wheel clocks, pendulum, weight and spring driven, Mantel, Wall and longcase [ grandfather] clocks. We offer full restoration of clock movements including cleaning restoring and repairing, including repivoting, springs, bushing and repairing time piece and striking clocks, restoration repainting and repainting by hand of all types of clock dials, design and cut of new wheels and replacing damaged teeth, hand and bell repairs, restoring repairing and polishing wooden, gilded metal and marble clock cases. We can repair and restore your clock to its original condition. Please contact us for more details on our clock repair and clock restoration service. We also repair modern, mechanical and quartz clocks. Free estimates provided on cost of repair valuation We repair clocks nationwide in every county of Ireland. We have worked on clocks made in 1600's to this year.